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Roomie looks like this now!

Around March 2014, Roomie s programmer polished its web interface, adding support for the Aeon Labs Z-Stick.

A life from zero

Timeline of a programer life from zero: He had a pretty easy life. Both of the parents were in the military. Born in Virginia Beach but shortly moved to Northern Virginia. Moved to Florida at 4 years old. He went to Virginia Tech to pursue a computer science degree.

Commence asynchronous laughter

Roomie programmer has been working all day fixing up things. He used WebHook.SendScript and Computer.Speak commands to simulate a conversation between laptop and TV. He did a lot of refactoring and he was so close to being able to un-XMLify RoomieScript making it look like a real programming language.

Happy days! The new Roomie website is usable!

In January 2012, the Roomie website was available. Most of the programmer’s time was spent on the Devices page. The user interface was all working and updated dynamically when a device’s state changes.

Arcadia Preview 2

In March 2010, the programmer of Arcadia Preview 2 released the new version 1.0.489.0. Arcadia’s features were: Selecting where game files are kept. Scanning for games. Searching for and running ROMs in your emulators of choice. Thank you FlotsamX for your usability feedback.

DVD Cover Art Finder version

In February 2009, the programmer of the DVD Cover Art Finder program released the new version with new features and fewer bugs. Download link and source code were both available on the internet. The DVD Cover Art Finder’s new release has the ability to save the list of DVDs as an HTML document. For …

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Media Center in Windows 7 is great for ripping DVDs

Ripping whole DVDs in a computer requires a lot of storage space. Now the Media Center’s start menu has the “movies” menu. Media Center program is intended to be used with remote control and its receiving many touch-related features. Clicking and dragging the position indicator in Media Center in Windows 7 t let the user …

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DVD Cover Art Finder version

In December 2008, the DVD Cover Art Finder (version is released along with its source code. Download link: Source code: This is a tutorial about how to use the program: Download and open DVD Cover Art Finder. Click “Scan for DVDs”. Select the folder where you store all of your DVDs. Select the DVD …

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