The Fantastic ROM Indexer is… Fantastic!

ROM stands for read-only memory, which is virtual copies of game cartridges that can be in old game systems.

Game cartridges are ROMs virtual copies with the use of emulators that emulate the game system to be played on computers.

ROMs are tricky to use but following this step can help you with that:

  1. Think what platform the game is played on.
  2. Find the emulator on your computer.
  3. Open the emulator and find the ROM file.

The fantastic ROM Indexer program makes this process simpler, just :

  • Open FRI program.
  • Type the game title and double-click it.

Another useful feature of The fantastic ROM Indexer program is that it let you rate your games.

How to set up the fantastic ROM Indexer program:

  1. Download The fantastic ROM Indexer program.
  2. Extract the executable file.
  3. when settings window opens up, tell FRI where all of your ROMs are.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. Select your ROMs folder.
  6. Tell FRI where the emulators are.
  7. Download all of the emulators

To add an emulator:

  1. Switch to the “Emulator Integration” tab.
  2. Click “Add”.
  3. After the dialog opens up, click browse, and look for the emulator that you want to add.
  4. Type in the names of the platforms that the emulator supports.
  5. Separate the names with commas and check the first checkbox.
  6. Close the settings window when you are done.
  7. Tell FRI to look for ROMs.
  8. Click “Database Management” and click “Scan for new ROMs”.

I get tired, I can update this tutorial later if I want to.

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