How to set up an Xbox 360 as Media Center Extender

Windows Media Center is limited to small screens.

To solve this issue, you can use the Media Center Extenders.

It’s an easy tool that extends the Windows Media Center experience to a TV.

You can find many extenders, but I recommend you the Media Center Extender functionality that is built into the Xbox.


  1. Start Media Center on the computer which you want to extend.
  2. Turn on your Xbox console.
  3. Select “Media Center” from the Xbox dashboard on “Media”.
  4. Select “Windows Media Center”.
  5. Write down this pass key and hit continue.
  6. Now go over to your Media Center computer.
  7. You will get a window asking you if you like to set it up. Select Next.
  8. Enter the setup key and hit Next.
  9. Hit Next.
  10. Select Yes.
  11. Select Next in this current step.
  12. Select OK on the UAC window that pops up and wait for the system to get evertyhing together.
  13. Now the Media Center will appear on the TV.

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