Abomination or AWESOME?

I love my Zune.  It’s small, and great at what it does: play music.  With my Zune Pass music subscription, I can slurp up just about any song from the Zune Marketplace for a flat rate of $15 a month.  I am also growing to quite appreciate my shiny new iPad.  My friends and family often see me as a die-hard Microsoft buff, but I know better than that.  My brother once jokingly accused me of Microsoft fanboy-ism for showing him an article about some Microsoft Research project.  I was viewing the webpage in my browser of choice, Google Chrome.

Zune and iPad heart

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Fixing my Zune’s broken glass (again) on the cheap!

A while ago I dropped my Zune flat on its face and fixed it myself with some parts from RapidRepair.com.  Unfortunately, it seems that Rapid Repair’s replacement “glass” wasn’t glass at all but rather some cheap plastic that broke while the Zune was in my pocket with my cell phone.
Zune with broken Rapid Repair glass

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Zune Repair: Replacing a Flash Zune’s Glass

Over a year ago I bought a second generation Microsoft Zune.  I bought the highest capacity available with flash-based storage (8GB), instead of the higher capacity hard drive-based options, because I’ve already broken two like players in my lifetime—a forth generation 40GB Apple iPod and a first generation Creative Zen Vision (no suffix).

This time the problem wasn’t the storage.  Last week I broke my 8GB, second generation Microsoft Zune, but this time I could repair the thing myself!

ready to go!

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