A thought about skipping Vista

I read Gizmodo on a regular basis, and I just came across this article noting how “Add/Remove Programs” has disappeared form the control panel. In 7 the item is in the programs section, and the user can get to the list of programs to uninstall by clicking “Uninstall a program” in the main control panel window.  More over, he obviously has been using Windows XP for the three years that the release version Windows Vista has been available to consumers.  (To be fair that time range should start when Vista went out into public beta since Windows 7 isn’t even released yet, but I’ll underestimate.)

Let us compare:

Windows XP Control Panel:
xp control panel

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Windows 7 has a new Windows Experience Index scale

Vista’s ratings for the Windows Experience Index were are capped at 5.9, and it seems that Windows 7’s ratings are capped at 7.9.  I thought it would be interesting to compare how each operating system rated my computer, so I dug up a screenshot of my computer’s Windows Experience Index and snapped a shot of the rating in 7.  Draw your own conclusions about the significance of the change.

Windows Vista:
vista experience index

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Windows 7 Screenshots from PDC

I was browsing on10.net, and I came across this post with a list of new features included in Windows 7, Microsoft’s up-and-coming operating system to replace Windows Vista, along with screenshots.  The screenshots look promising, though I’d like to try out that task bar before I pass judgment on it.  From what I can tell there will be even more rich features for developers to plug into.  I really like Windows Vista, but Windows 7 is shaping up to be as Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said, “Vista, but better”.

Desktop by LLarsen.

For more information, I highly recommend reading this article:  http://on10.net/blogs/sarahintampa/New-Features-In-Windows-7/