Notebook Excerpts: Ponderings

Over the summer I purchased a couple pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks to carry with me.  One of my motivations was the desire to emulate other smart people who carry notebooks.  Another was that if I saw someone with a notebook sticking out of their back pocket I would instantly find them more attractive.  As my first notebook fills up, I have decided to scan interesting pages and share them here.

This page, started on Thursday, January 7, 2011, is labeled “Ponderings.”  I revisited the page, pen in hand, whenever I had a thought-provoking idea, quip, or something like that.


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Your inspiration for today.

Don't look for happiness, create it.

Growing up, I was taught—or inferred—that happiness was a transitory, not-really-real emotion. As in, we could all do much better to be content with what we have. Who is to say what lot you were given in life? If you want something, do the work, start the conversation, save up time and money to make it happen. Then be pleasantly surprised when good things come your way.

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Code is Poetry

I recently ordered a new mug from  “Code is poetry,” it says on one side, with my favorite programming language, C♯, on the other.  Code really is poetry, and now let me relate a memory that I thought of on my drive home from work today.  (Sorry in advance.  This post doesn’t have very much focus.)
code_is_poetry_mug C#_mug

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