A Lesson in Human-Computer Interaction: Spoons

I lost my Tablet PC’s pen, so I used a spoon instead. When I realized that this was really weird, I asked a friend to snap a picture.  If only a tour group came by and saw how crazy the people at Tech are…  My only hope is that a Google Image search of my name will one day bring up me spooning a computer.
Interacting with a Tablet PC via spoon

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Laptop Sticker (DecalGirl)

When I got my tablet pc for college I wanted to get a sticker for the back of the lid.  After browsing a few websites I finally settled on a blue flame print from decalgirl.com.  The whole thing was $30 including shipping, for a custom size to fit my notebook perfectly.

The sticker came in a flat envelope with a piece of cardboard in it to prevent the sticker from being damaged.

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