Arcadia: Soon!

Arcadia sign on I-81 South.

Arcadia, my emulator frontend that manages a wide variety of classic gaming system files, is just around the corner!  I have a stable version right now, and am looking for beta testers.  (Contact me if you’re interested!)  Once I give Arcadia the ability to check for update to itself I’ll release it publically, but for now email me and I’ll give it to you.

Downloading the Windows 7 Beta

If you’re curious about Windows 7 beta, downloading has resumed after Microsoft added a few more servers to handle the extreme demand.  As far as I can tell downloading resumed within the last 30 minutes.  I jumped on the oportunity and am downloading the 64-bit English version now.  After specifying those requirements I was brought to a very brief survey page, which asked such things as my name, email address, job, and current OS.  After that I was brought to the following page, which was pretty straightforward.  (I blocked out the product key, duh.)

windows 7 download page

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View any video format in Windows Media Player

I used to use the Combined Community Codec Pack to get a support for a host of codecs on my Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-bit) machines.  It seems that development of the pack has fallen behind, and I have noticed that it does not work as well in Vista x64.  After some research I cam across the Vista Codec Pack, which supports just about every codec, including MOV (QuickTime).  VLC is a good alternative, if you don’t mind (or prefer) a bare-bones media player, but I’m glad to have support for everything that I would want to view right in Windows Media Player.