Abomination or AWESOME?

I love my Zune.  It’s small, and great at what it does: play music.  With my Zune Pass music subscription, I can slurp up just about any song from the Zune Marketplace for a flat rate of $15 a month.  I am also growing to quite appreciate my shiny new iPad.  My friends and family often see me as a die-hard Microsoft buff, but I know better than that.  My brother once jokingly accused me of Microsoft fanboy-ism for showing him an article about some Microsoft Research project.  I was viewing the webpage in my browser of choice, Google Chrome.

Zune and iPad heart

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Windows 7 Beta gets update to fix MP3 bug

There was a bug in the Windows 7 Beta that causes some MP3 file corruption issues.  A few days ago a hotfix was released for MSDN subscribers (who also got the beta 2 days before the general public), and now the update is available on Windows Update.  Happy days!  (Related: Windows Update received an update in Windows 7.)

mp3 update

“MP3” Icon Sometimes Misleading in the Zune Marketplace

I have a Zune Pass, and I like to use my 10 free monthly song credits to “remove” the DRM from my favorite subscription (and therefore DRM’d) music by purchasing MP3 versions of the songs.  I right-click on a song that I like, and then click “More about this album” to go to the album’s page on the Marketplace.  If I saw the “MP3” icon next to the album cover art, I would buy my desired songs from that album.  From there I select the songs that I want, right-click on them, and click “buy”.  It was a quick process that I really didn’t think much of, until I just downloaded a DRM’d song from an album marked as MP3.

Here’s the deal:  The MP3 icon doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL of the songs are available in MP3, but rather it means that at least one is.  Take a look:

Here this album is clearly marked as “MP3”:
zune mp3 misleading 1


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