Sneaky Chrome updates again

Chrome is a true Google product.  Google, whose point of view is the Internet and constantly-updating content, updates Chrome silently.  Restarting Chrome very well might yield new features, which is what just happened to me.  My initial reaction was, “Ah, very cool, but wait what did it used to look like?”  So here’s a screenshot of Google Chrome 5 versus 6:

Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 6

How to share an Internet Connection in Windows 7

After returning home from college for the summer, I wanted to get my desktop computer online with the wireless network.  Unfortunately for my Internet addiction, the desktop computer didn’t have a wireless adapter.  I ordered one off of NewEgg, but in the mean time I was left without the glorious internet on my desktop computer’s big screens.  What do I do?! The laptop could connect to the wireless network, so there’s a start.  Windows has the ability to share the Internet connection of one network adapter over another.  Bingo.  I describe the process in the following video.


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StupidCoho Strikes Again!

Every once in a while I’ll get an instant message via AIM from an elusive SalmonBot.  Their names used to be of the form <Adjective>Trout, but now they show up as <Adjective>Coho.  SalmonBots act as an intermediary between two unsuspecting people, making each think that the other started the conversation.  It will even manipulate the messages before it relays them to the other person. *shrug*  They’re just weird.  I’ve blogged about them before.

Usually now when I get an IM from such an account I just block it.  I figured I’d try to help the other poor victim out, though…



Whoops!  I should read my own blog.  Here’s all the info on Wikipedia.