Installing Windows 7 From a Flash Drive

If you have a copy of Windows 7 installation media as an ISO (disk image) you may want to put it on a flash drive.  You might think that you’d be able to just click and drag the file onto the flash drive and be done, but that isn’t the case!  Here’s how to do it

First, have a Windows 7 ISO (duh)

Next, download and install Microsoft’s ISO tool here. (That is a direct link, originally found the link here.  If you’re doing this on Windows XP, go to that page and scroll down to “For Windows XP Users” to find two more downloads you will need.)

When you open the program, it will look like this.
Windows 7 Flash Drive 1

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Installing the Windows 7 Beta

Here I am, typing this blog post with Windows Live Writer inside of Windows 7.  I had installed the beta once before on my desktop, but it was a torrented copy, and it was installed on a spare hard drive.  (Also it as 32-bit, when I want 64-bit.)  I downloaded the beta from Microsoft, which included getting a key, and installed the beta today, overwriting my Vista installation.

From my previous installation of Windows 7, I discovered that the installer allows the user to start a “complete” install from within a current installation of Windows, unlike the Vista installer, which requires the user to boot from the install disk.  I discovered from this installation that the user still needs to boot from the install disk if he wants to format the drive that the current installation of Windows is on.

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