Sneaky Chrome updates again

Chrome is a true Google product.  Google, whose point of view is the Internet and constantly-updating content, updates Chrome silently.  Restarting Chrome very well might yield new features, which is what just happened to me.  My initial reaction was, “Ah, very cool, but wait what did it used to look like?”  So here’s a screenshot of Google Chrome 5 versus 6:

Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 6

How to fix the WordPress prepended linebreaks error

A while ago I noticed that the RSS feed for MyPieceOfTheInter(.)net stopped working.  Strict XML parsers like those in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer refused to parse the RSS feed.  Looking around different places, I found that a lot of weirdness was happening.

Viewing the source of the homepage reveled that there were unexpected linebreaks at the top of the document.
wordpress line break error 1

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