Sneaky Chrome updates again

Chrome is a true Google product.  Google, whose point of view is the Internet and constantly-updating content, updates Chrome silently.  Restarting Chrome very well might yield new features, which is what just happened to me.  My initial reaction was, “Ah, very cool, but wait what did it used to look like?”  So here’s a screenshot of Google Chrome 5 versus 6:

Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 6

Google Voice Setup

I got a Google Voice invitation. :-) 

A few days ago I submitted three email addresses for invitations.  I got two invitations last night, and interesting the one that didn’t get the invite was my gmail account.  Everything works the same anyway. Here’s a screenshot walkthrough of the setup experience.

After I clicked the invitation link in my email and signed in with my gmail account.  I was presented with this screen.
Google Voice Setup 1

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