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Arcadia Preview 2

March 24th, 2010

Arcadia sign on I-81 South

Arcadia Preview 2 (version 1.0.489.0) is finally here!

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FRI Version

October 19th, 2008

FRI version is here!  This version of FRI brings Community Ratings, a way to find great ROMs in your collection that you haven’t played before.  This version also contains underlying updates to how FRI scans for ROMs, resulting in a better user experience.  This release’s code is closer than ever to being able to be ported to Media Center for a Windows Media Center counterpart to FRI.

Download FRI version here

fri version main window

Thanks to FlotsamX for providing feedback as a beta tester, and Vimm for providing me access to his website’s user ratings.

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FRI Version

August 21st, 2008

This release of FRI is thanks to Flotsam, who took it upon him self to write out a very detailed email describing problems with FRI.  His email was so succinct and clear, giving the root of the problem and not simply the symptoms, that I was able to make the requested changes in under 20 minutes.  In fact, it took longer to prepare the release than it did to code it!

Flotsam’s email address: image (yes, the text is a picture.  I don’t want him getting automated bot spam!)

Now for the release.  FRI version contains updated to the default Platform Vocabulary, as well as a fix to a bug that I will describe in detail below.

Download FRI version here


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Super Smash Brothers 64 Glitch (blast form the past)

August 19th, 2008

Remember the Nintendo 64?  It’s still a great system, and it’s still fun to play those classic games.  There is a weird glitch in the original Super Smash Brothers.  Played on a Nintendo 64 console, the game simply stops.  Played through Project 64, however, we see even more weird behavior.  This is what some friends and I discovered for ourselves on Summer night. :-)


FRI Version

August 11th, 2008

Since I added the ability to copy/move files between libraries in FRI, I realized that another feature was missing: The ability to filter by library in an advanced search.  Now with this next minor release, the user can not only filter by platform, language, players, rating, and image health, but also library.

fri version advanced search window

Download FRI Version here

Change log:

  • New Feature: Advanced searches can now be filtered by Library Folder.
  • Tweak: FRI if there is an unexpected error when FRI is closing, FRI will report the error and gracefully close.
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