New and improved! The previous post on one line!

This following bash code outputs the puzzlebot facebook email from my previous post with no extra output. This is one of those “just for fun things” that non-CS people don’t understand.

echo -e "#include <stdio.h>\nint main(int argc, char ** args){printf(\"\\\n\", 0xFACEB00C>>2); return 0;}" > fbmail.c; g++ fbmail.c -o fbmail; ./fbmail; rm fbmail.c fbmail

I had a preliminary interview with a woman at Facebook yesterday. We scheduled another interview for Thursday, which will have more technical kinds of questions. I asked her what i should be doing in the interum,and she suggested that I check out The page had brushed past my radar in the past, but I didn’t give it a serious look until now. The page has a bunch of programming puzzles for anyone to do. Even the submission email address is a puzzle.

Submissions should be sent via email to the address: {0xFACEB00C>>2 in decimal}

Since one can easily find the email with a quick Google search, I thought I’d show how to find it. The puzzle page is Unix-centric, so for this task I logged into an Ubuntu virtual machine that lives on my home network.

In ViM, here’s the simple program:

Facebook Email 1

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