David’s Dictionary for the Internet Age: Relike

Relike (verb)

To unlike and again like a post previously-liked post, e.g., picture, text, or video, on a social networking site in order to produce a notification for the target, e.g., content owner or someone tagged in the post, and remind them that you still like the post.  The relike is commonly used as a derpy way to tell the target that the person performing the relike as lubby dubby feelings for the target.

Example usage:

I am hopeless.  The best I can do is occasionally relike my favorite photos of him until he maybe gets the hint.

David’s Dictionary for the Internet Age: Sigh Five

Sigh Five (noun)

An expression signifying disappointment and/or bewilderment. Best-suited for use via instant message. (see: sigh, …, fail)

Example usage:
mavtak: Hey, I just got back from the party at Dan’s place. Where were you?
WoWfreak314: I thought I told you… I couldn’t go because I already committed to go on a raid.
mavtak: sigh five, sir.