How to share an Internet Connection in Windows 7

After returning home from college for the summer, I wanted to get my desktop computer online with the wireless network.  Unfortunately for my Internet addiction, the desktop computer didn’t have a wireless adapter.  I ordered one off of NewEgg, but in the mean time I was left without the glorious internet on my desktop computer’s big screens.  What do I do?! The laptop could connect to the wireless network, so there’s a start.  Windows has the ability to share the Internet connection of one network adapter over another.  Bingo.  I describe the process in the following video.


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This is why you double check things

After months of blaming my i7 desktop computer’s tendency to overheat on it’s high performance and small size, I discover that… the CPU fan was on backwards.  fail.  It’s temps used to hover around 50°C, now they’re down to just below 40.  Recently, when transcoding a DVD with HandBrake, the temps got up to 80°C, but now with the fan reversed, and all of that dust removed, it rises to a reasonable 65°C.  Happy days!


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Windows Home Server (NEED MOAR DATA!)

I’m really behind on posts.  I couple weeks ago I built a new i7 computer, leaving my old (ha!) Core 2 Quad computer lonely and unusable.  To remedy this sad situation, I bought a 1 terabyte hard drive and a copy of Windows Home Server to convert my trusty ol’ compy into a happy new home server.  I’m not going to go too deep into the project in this post, but rather I am simply going to  post this picture:


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