Abomination or AWESOME?

I love my Zune.  It’s small, and great at what it does: play music.  With my Zune Pass music subscription, I can slurp up just about any song from the Zune Marketplace for a flat rate of $15 a month.  I am also growing to quite appreciate my shiny new iPad.  My friends and family often see me as a die-hard Microsoft buff, but I know better than that.  My brother once jokingly accused me of Microsoft fanboy-ism for showing him an article about some Microsoft Research project.  I was viewing the webpage in my browser of choice, Google Chrome.

Zune and iPad heart

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News to Me: Dells, Magnets, Office, Orgasms, and Periods

Here’s what is news to me:

  1. Dell’s Latitude 2100 reviewed: smart, but a bit heavy for afterschool use
    I just thought that the toting mechanism on these laptops was cool.  Of course, I’m also all for computers in education.
  2. The Not-So-Safe Apple MagSafe Gallery
    I don’t hate Macs, just smug Mac users.  That’s why I liked this post.
  3. Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Registration
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  4. Talks Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm
    This is a complete non sequitur, but I assure you an entertaining video, and completely safe for work.  I encountered it on DiggTED is full of interesting videos, though this video is the first of its kind that I’ve seen on the site.
  5. How Many Spaces after a Period: One or Two?
    This one is also a bit random (also from Digg), but I, like the author, was also quite shocked!  “This is worse than Pluto being stripped of planetary status.”  Agreed.