8 august 2017 wow, this page is very out of date.

Here are a few of my projects.



Roomie is a scripting language, a desktop application for interpreting that scripting language, and a website for remote access, all centered around home automation.  Roomie is written in C# and used ControlThink’s Z-Wave SDK.  My ventures in Roomie have been diverse and numerous.  Roomie started out as just a program for scripting Z-Wave devices (which would be connected to things like lights and space heaters) with a little speech synthesis thrown in.  Roomie has grown into a website (and a mobile version of that website).  In early 2010 I began to rewrite Roomie to better fit my grand vision for it.  The new version contains no code from the old version, and incorporates all of the experience that had gained since I started the project in 2007.  The goal of the rewrite was to create a more extensible, robust, and full product.  RoomieScript in the rewrite is more like a full scripting language, complete with custom commands, variables, and hopefully soon, control flow statements like if and while.



Arcadia is a ROM manager (or emulator frontend) that has existed in one form or another since the mid 2000’s.  That Fantastic Rom Indexer, or FRI for short, is a  manager that I have worked on in my spare time since Summer 2007.  FRI’s goal is to simplify the execution of ROM images by bringing all of the use’s ROMs of game cartridges into one place, making it easy for the user to find a specific or new ROM to play, and simplify the selection of the correct emulator for any given ROM.  The last FRI Release was in December 2008, and as of February 2010, Arcadia has available now, but is still incomplete.  (Email me if you want to help!)

Eventually I would love to create an online community around Arcadia, enabling users to share ratings and game saves, and maybe even keep ping their playing habits to social networking websites like Facebook.


DVD Cover Art Finder


DVD Cover Art Finder is really a “does what I need it to do” application.  By that I mean that it has very specific functions that most people would never need!  One day I discovered that I had all of this hard drive space (1 or 2 terabytes at the time) and decided to rip DVDs.  I didn’t transcode them like most people do.  No, I went the no-compromises rout and used DVDFab to rip complete copies of DVDs, special features and all.  I was also motivated by a post on Microsoft’s Channel 8, which described how to show an attractive list of such DVD rips in Media Center.

More recently I have been adding the ability for DVD Cover Art Finder to transcode DVDs using Handbrake.  My end goal for this functionality is to be able to leave the program open on my future home server and have it automatically keep a mirrored copy of my DVD rips as transcoded videos that the Xbox 360 can play.

Unfortunately, as of Fall 2009 this project doesn’t work anymore, because Amazon changed their API and I have not made the time to update the code for finding the actual pictures. Doh!


mypieceoftheinter.net_icon GoDaddy, the webhosting company that serves my websites, sponsors many of the podcats that I watch and listen to.  The slogan has always been, “Get your piece of the internet at,” so I did…. get MyPieceOfTheInter(.)net.  It’s my blog.  On it I post whatever interstes me.  In the beginning I posted a lot of detailed tutorials.  In fact, one of my most popular posts was one of my first, a video tutorial about how to unlock some features of the Motorola Razr V3m from Verizon.  I also use my blog as a means to publish personal projects, and I’m tired so I’ll finish this later!