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Hello, my name is David McGrath.  I’m a student at Virginia Tech, majoring in Computer Science.  Thanks for reading my blog, seriously.  This thing is a labor of love.  My hope is to teach people how to enjoy using technology and how to use it to enrich their lives.

Online, I use the aliases Mavtak (latest) and AlwaysMC2 (first).  I most-often participate in Channel 9, Microsoft’s online community for developers.  If you’re interested in my résumé, you can find it here.

I use a program called Wacoopa to monitor my program usage.  Below is an auto-generated list of my recently used programs.  Click to view more information.

Click for more detail

If you would like to contact me, please use the following email address: (it’s a picture to prevent bot spam.)


If your comment could benefit other visitors to this blog, please attach it to the appropriate blog post where all may see it.

Here’s‘s metrics about my music consumption:

I have a Zune (posts), which I love. Below is some auto-generated information based on my usage of my Zune and the Zune software.  It’s not totally accurate since I use Windows Media Player a lot, but take it for what it’s worth.

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  1. As I was unlocking my motorazr V3m i noticed that the website in which you told viewers to go to was not posted on your website and I could not go to the website to download the files. It would help very much if you put a link to the website in the description given under the video.

  2. Ryan, I made that video before I got this website. The link to the download at its new location is right below the video on the post.

  3. As with Ryan I can’t seem to find the link. I’ve looked and still am not able to find the link. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

  4. The whole key to the V3m is to edit two key settings with seem edit. The first is”seem 2742″, record 1, bytes=0. Check the bit for offset 0006a that allows USB Xfer. The second, and the one everybody misses is, seem 2827, record 1, bytes=22 offset 0006. Check boxes 0, 2, 3, and 6. This makes the software think it is a v3c phone. I spend 20 hours on this problem and now can dowload any ringtone I want. I use BITPIN for communicating.

  5. i have a moto razr v3m verizon and i want to convert it to tata indicom which is (cdma india) how can i do it.can u plz help


  7. My name is also David McGrath. I googled myself, and found you. Oddly enough, I also majored in Computer Science. I was looking through your recent program list and noticed that you’ve bitten hard into the MicroSoft world. I was curious if you’ve looked into at all, and some of the other possibilities to replace your MS programs with open source, like Mozilla Thunderbird. Other than that striking difference, our programs are pretty much the same, though maybe a different order. As a CS major, I would encourage you to check out open source, including Linux. It will expand your mind and open a whole new world of programming to you.

    I probably would have gone a different way with the website myself, but I like what you’ve done. Good luck on your degree.

  8. Haha, That was bound to happen. I do use a lot of Microsoft software, but I don’t partition software into “Microsoft” and “non-Microsoft”, or “propriety” and “open source.” I use Linux at work, and I use a fair bit of open source and not-Microsoft software at home, but I really enjoy the Windows ecosystem. My desktop integrates with my Home Server and Xbox, and my Zune works with everything as well. Believe me, if you’re concerned that I don’t have any “positive Linux role models” in my life, don’t. :-P That is how some people see open source, right? As a cause?

  9. I’m glad to hear you use open source, I just didn’t see it represented on your page. Many do see it as a cause but my perspective is its importance for a well-rounded CS education. I hate running into programmers that have never used Linux.

  10. Please I have watched your vedio on how to setup Remote Desktop on Windows Vista, it is too long so I would please like to have written version of the explanations. I also like to know the type of Vista, is it Basic or Premium ?


  11. As a marine corp veteran from the post-vietnam/pre-gulf war era it has been hard to get used to people saying ‘thank you’ for your service. People say one thing without understanding the complex reasons why certain members of our society ‘serve’ at all. Anyway, I liked the recent article that was written to highlight the jingoisitic brainwashing of children with the seemingly awful purpose of providing cannon fodder for America’s war machine while ignoring the incredible cost of war to our culture and the ideals of modern democracy. FYI – I’m a Sociology major at Alan Hancock College, Santa Maria in California.

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