Amazing Concept Video of Future Technology, “Future Vision Montage”

Think what you want about Microsoft, but if you don’t know Microsoft Research, you don’t have the whole picture.  I just found this concept video, titled “Future Vision Montage” on Gizmodo.  I think I might have recognized more of the theoretical technologies than the casual onlooker since I’ve seen other Microsoft Research projects, but basically this video has technology do everything possible to maintain the appearance of magic.  This is generally called “augmented reality” and is an unbelievably cool field of research.

Here’s the Soapbox video:

“Spontaneous Overflow”

A friend of mine from high school—he goes by Dan Metalmadcat online—creates amazing flash animations.  I’ve tried flash myself, and I fail at it miserably.  Dan showed me his latest animation, and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with my reader readers. :-P

Dan says this about his animation:

Spontaneous Overflow is the latest animation I’ve done with Flash. Quite abstract and symbolic but always with the same degree of nonsense. In "Spontaneous Overflow" I was challenged by the statement of William Wordsworth who called poetry as a "Spontaneous Overflow of powerful feelings"
William did a good job explaining through words, now is my time to explain it in a visual art form kind of way..
Hope you like it.
Dan Metalmadcat [2009].

Dan’s website is  Here’s the video:

What Using Windows 7 Multi-Touch is Like

I saw this video on Gizmodo, and I feel that it needs to be seen.  The guy doesn’t show that the zoom gesture is actually system-wide, not just in Photo Gallery, but I’m telling you now. :-P

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