Feature Focus: Paste Your Taste

I recently discovered a really cool feature of  Since tracks what I listen to in Windows Media Player and on the website itself, it has really good metrics of what I listen to. does a lot with that data, including creating a concise paragraph that summarizes my musical taste.  This is great of pasting on Facebook and other social networking sites.

All you have to do is go to your profile page and scroll down to the “top artists” area.  Click “Paste Your Taste” and a little box will come up with the previously-mentioned paragraph.   It’s really nice how first it starts with the specific genres (and you know they’re accurate), then lists the top artists in order of personal popularity.  Nice.  Now if the Scrobbler would only track what I listen to on my Zune I’d be all set. Paste Your Taste feature

News to Me: Surface, Roomba, Surface, Search, Office

I often come across interesting articles online and want to share them some way on my blog.  I considered a few different ways to do this, including incorporating a microblogging platform like Twitter into my blog, but I think it will be better to simply make longer blog posts with several links when I accumulate enough.  I guess I’ll give this a try.  Here is what’s news to me:

  1. Microsoft Surface SP1 adds a slew of new features.
    I thought this was really cool.  I think Microsoft Surface technology is really great, and would love to develop applications for it one day.  I also love videos that give insight into the workings of big (software) companies like Microsoft.  This video is included in the linked post:

  2. Long exposure shows Roomba cleaning path
    I’m a Roomba owner myself, so that made me even more inclined to think that this picture was really cool:
    Roomba cleaning path
  3. 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface
    Some of the apps are pretty ridiculous, but I do like this video:
  4. Microsoft search to be powered by open source
    I thought this was interesting, because it contradicts Microsoft’s “monolithic evil empire” stereotype.  Keep an eye on
  5. Leaked: Office 2010 Technical Preview screenshots
    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Office 2007 Beta, especially to see the Ribbon in OneNote and Outlook.

That’s it for now I guess.  Hopefully I’ll continue to do this. :-)