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Don't look for happiness, create it.

Growing up, I was taught—or inferred—that happiness was a transitory, not-really-real emotion. As in, we could all do much better to be content with what we have. Who is to say what lot you were given in life? If you want something, do the work, start the conversation, save up time and money to make it happen. Then be pleasantly surprised when good things come your way.

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Web-CAT is Ultimate Sadness ):

The Computer Science department at Virginia Tech uses a little piece of software called Web-CAT to grade students’ code.  It makes me sad. I am literally convulsing on the floor right now.  I can’t remember any taste other than that of salty tears.  It’s amazing that I can even type so coherently, especially considering that my hands are violently contorted in bitter agony.

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