About a Wardrobe: A Rising Faction (Sometimes I Pretend to Have Style)

I’m a huge geek. I love to live on the cutting (sometimes uncomfortable) edge of technology. I know tons of computer-related information, and don’t make an effort to hide it.  This is a huge part of my personality, but there are certain related stereotypes (read: nerd) that I actively attempt to avoid. Enter: acne treatment, spending time in the sun, working out, and (more recently) attempting to dress fashionably. I approach style from a more scientific angle. I might notice an feature or way to wear an article of clothing that I have identified as "cool," and work from I know about simple style generalizations. Of course I always go shopping with at least one girl whose taste I trust.

I love to document, so here I go.

I noticed today that there is an immerging schism in the different types of clothes I have. There are some new clothes, "the new style," which are significantly outnumbered my old clothes, "the old style." Today I conscientiously dressed in "the old style."

old style

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Code is Poetry

I recently ordered a new mug from zazzle.com.  “Code is poetry,” it says on one side, with my favorite programming language, C♯, on the other.  Code really is poetry, and now let me relate a memory that I thought of on my drive home from work today.  (Sorry in advance.  This post doesn’t have very much focus.)
code_is_poetry_mug C#_mug

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“Good” Music

One of my friends got a lot of money in iTunes credit for Christmas, so he asked me for a bunch of good songs.  I went through my media library looking for songs, picking out ones that appealed enough to me for me to send the title and artist to him.  I decided to not let the list go to waste, so I went through the chat logs and pulled out he proper messages.  I could go through the list and refine it, but that’s now worth the trouble. :-P


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