What Using Windows 7 Multi-Touch is Like

I saw this video on Gizmodo, and I feel that it needs to be seen.  The guy doesn’t show that the zoom gesture is actually system-wide, not just in Photo Gallery, but I’m telling you now. :-P

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Lazy man’s way to prepare for IE8

Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft’s up-and-coming browser to supersede Internet Explorer 7, has a very different layout engine than it’s predecessor.  IE8’s engine is much more standards-compliant than any version of IE so far.  Standards-compliance is great, but for IE it does yield some unfortunate consequences.  Websites that produce special code for pages downloaded with IE7 often send the same quirky code to IE8, which renders the page according to the “official rules”.  The end result is a webpage that doesn’t look right.

IE8 has a few features for the transition time between now and when IE7 (and older) usage drops to an insignificant level.  First is Compatibility View.  If the user sees a website that isn’t rendering correctly (for example, my website right now), he can click the “broken page” button in the navigation bar.
compatability view button

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Media Center in Windows 7 is great for ripping DVDs

I have invested a lot of time and storage space ripping whole DVDs to my computer.  This worked out great, because there is a hidden feature in Windows Vista Media Center for viewing DVDs that have been ripped to hard drives.  This worked pretty well, but reveling the menu required changing a value in the registry, and the feature wasn’t very polished, which is likely why it was hidden in the first place.  Things have changed in the Windows 7 Beta.

Now there is a “movies” menu front and center in Media Center’s start menu.
media center movies 1

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A peek at Media Center in Windows 7

I don’t know how else to say it:  Media Center in Windows 7 is awesome!  This post won’t go too much into why, but rather will show the initial setup experience, which is still pretty cool.

When the user first opens Windows Media Center, he is greeted with the following screen.  He may pan left and right to get an overview of the software’s features, as I will do through a series of screenshots.

media center 01

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