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FRI version is here!  This version of FRI brings Community Ratings, a way to find great ROMs in your collection that you haven’t played before.  This version also contains underlying updates to how FRI scans for ROMs, resulting in a better user experience.  This release’s code is closer than ever to being able to be ported to Media Center for a Windows Media Center counterpart to FRI.

Download FRI version here

fri version main window

Thanks to FlotsamX for providing feedback as a beta tester, and Vimm for providing me access to his website’s user ratings.


Change log:

  • New feature: FRI now automatically retrieves a “master database” from the web, which currently contains “community ratings” of some ROMs.
    fri version, checking for a new release of the master database...
  • The process of scanning for ROMs is more responsive and provides the user with more information.
    fri version, scanning for ROMs 
  • FRI can now handle ROM files that have filenames that are too long.  Previously FRI would simply skip over these.  The user is now warned when a ROM with a really long file name is added.
    fri version, scan completed
  • Generic file extensions are no longer attached to specific platforms.  That functionality never made sense, because they were generic file extensions.  Now generic file extensions are one list, available on the new "Other" tab of the Settings window.  The "Generic Extensions" column in the Platform Vocabulary list has been removed, and the other column widths have been increased to fill the space.
    fri version screenshot 3
    fri version screenshot 4
  • ROM files that are executable (with .exe extensions) will now be run directly.
  • The “Advanced” item in the “Edit” menu is now hidden.
  • Fixed UI problem in the Platform Information Editor, where the "Cancel" button would not move properly when the window was resized.
  • Fix: FRI no longer makes the “you can’t do that” sound when the user presses enter in the search box to start the search.
  • "Other" tab added to the Settings window.
  • Fix: The “defaults” button for the File Flags Vocabulary tab in the Settings Editor now works properly.
  • "rom" added as a generic ROM file extension
  • The "Unique Extensions" column in the Platform Vocabulary list has been renamed to "Unique File Extensions".
  • ".a26" unique file extension for the Atari 2600 corrected to remove the decimal point.
  • "Atari" removed as another name for "Atari 2600"
  • Platforms added:
    1. Amega
    2. Amiga CD32
    3. Atari 7800
    4. Neo Geo
    5. Neo Geo CD
    6. Neo Geo Pocket
    7. ColecoVision
    8. Vectrex
    9. Magnavox Odyssey
    10. Magnavox Odyssey²
    11. SuperGrafx
    12. TurboGrafx 16
    13. Game & Watch
    14. Pokemon mini
    15. N-Gage
    16. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
    17. Sega Dreamcast
    18. Sega CD
  • Platform extensions added
    1. "col" added as a unique extension for "ColecoVision"
    2. "vec" added as a unique extension for "Vectrex"
    3. "min" added as a unique extension for "Pokemon mini"
    4. "vb" added as a unique extension for "Virtual Boy"
    5. “mdf” added as a generic extension

“Sony PlayStation”, “PSX”, “Sony PlayStation 1”, “Sony Play Station”, and “Sony Play Station 1” added as other names for “PlayStation”

4 thoughts on “FRI Version

  1. Hey zedomax I’m about to sitwch from ZR3D due to random reboot issues when I flash this ROM (meanROM) and I flash Leedroid tweaks on top of it..everything works fine except the CRT on/off animations do I need to do something extra to make them work and if not I was thinking about ripping some files from ZR3D and pushing them via root explorer I’m just not sure which specific files I need to take out and move can you help me out !?

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