Quiet Vista: How to disable the Windows startup sound

If you want to be polite in a quiet place while using a computer, you will mute the sound, but what if you need to restart your notebook there?  For mobile computers that have a hardware sound controller, preventing the startup sound from breaking the silence is easy, but what about the rest of us?  For this problem, Windows has an easy option to disable the startup sound.  How nice!

First open the control panel.
startup sound 1


Next type “sound” in the search box, and click “Change system sounds”.  (If you have the control panel set to “Classic View” open “Sound” and click on the “Sounds” tab.  Alternatively just click “Control Panel Home” and follow the previous directions.)
startup sound 2

A “Sound” window will open with the “Sounds” tab selected.  Uncheck “Play Windows Startup sound”.

Click “OK”.


That’s it… Congratulations!

(Note: This tutorial does not apply to Windows XP.)

2 thoughts on “Quiet Vista: How to disable the Windows startup sound

  1. Fail. I even gave you a head-start on fixing the problem, and I still got to comment first.

    Anyway, nice blog, and thanks for this info, as I changed my sound scheme to a Vista Ultimate one that is way better than the standard…

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