More RAM: Copy says, "NOM NOM NOM"

I just got two 2GB RAM modules for my desktop computer.  With the two 1GB modules that are already installed, I will have a total of 6GB in that sucker.  Gone will be the days of closing programs.  Thank goodness!

CIMG4056 CIMG4057

Here you can see the inside of my compy while I am installing one of the modules.  That hulking metal thing is the heat sync for the Intel Core 2 Quad processor.

Here shows how to snap the RAM in place.  the little clips snap in when you push on the RAM.
CIMG4059 CIMG4060

Since I’m in here, I may as well show off my dual 1TB hard drives. :-)  I am such a dork!

Here’s where I boot up into the BIOS to confirm that all of the RAM modules have been recognized.
CIMG4064 CIMG4065

Sweet Jesus!  6142MB of Extended Memory sounds like 6GB of RAM to me.  Happy days!

Here I see that Windows has only detected 4GB of the RAM.  No biggie, I knew that 32-bit Windows wouldn’t be able to use all of it anyway.

Here I see that of the 4GB that Windows detects, it is only actually using 3,069MB, basically 3GB.  Again, I was expecting this, and will be taking advantage of the 64-bit disk that came along with the 32-bit disk in the retail box ‘o Windows Vista Ultimate.

In a later post I may discuss why so much RAM is actually useful.

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