Fixing that Weird Photo Gallery Error

,"This Photo can’t be saved because of a problem with the photo’s file properties."
This Photo can't be saved because of a problem with the photo's file properties.

That’s the most obnoxious error message ever, and I have gotten it for a lot of my photos.  One cause is the file not being the right format, like PNG.  The problem was that these files are just as the are supposed to be: JPEG’s right off my camera.  The symptom of this problem is that I can not touch up the photos in Photo Gallery.  Worse, though, is that tags aren’t written to their respective picture files.  I can still tag photos, and Photo Gallery will remember them, but since it doesn’t save the tags to the file, when I take the photos to another computer, or re-install the operating system on my desktop computer, the tags are forgotten.  That means that hours of inputting who is in each picture, at what event the picture was taken in, and other keywords, could all be un-done.  Needless to say, I wanted to get this error fixed.

The solution?  Open up the problem files en mass in Paint.NET and re-save them all.  I was afraid that doing so would mess up the other file properties, especially the "Date Created" property, but it seems that Paint.NET preserves them all.

So that’s the solution!

4 thoughts on “Fixing that Weird Photo Gallery Error

  1. Got this message too, and figured out an easier (for me) solution without downloading a new program: open the picture files in Paint, Save As a JPEG file (I just used the same file name and added “A” at the end, so I was able to keep them in order and organized), then delete the original files, and you should be able to edit the “new” pictures just fine.

  2. Rebecca, thanks for the info. Your suggestion worked for me too, it’s quick & easy & you don’t have to download additional programs. Thank so much b/c I was about to go crazy trying to fix this. Oh & thanks A LOT of Microsoft…you were SUCH a big help…as usual!

  3. What I can’t understand is I will take 1-10 photos of the same thing, open it in photogallery and some can be edited and saved and some can not. I right clicked on the photo and went to properties and it is already in jpeg format. It is very time consuming and frustrating.

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