I restyled my blog!

As part of a Rackspace hackathon, I decided to restyle my (this) blog.

I last customized it probably when I was 18. Actually, I made the background image while in a limo for high school prom. (what a nerd.)

A coworker told me about a blank theme generator called Underscores. Perfect! When I first applied the theme, there was seriously no styling at all, but the HTML was good. With a few tweaks I had something that looked more like what I wanted.

I edited the styles, adding in the obligatory Roomie purple, and I also wrote a script to remove some inline styles on img tags so that the css styles would apply properly. Really there was nothing major, but I like the result!

Here’s what it looked like before:

mypieceoftheinternet before

and after:

mypieceoftheinternet after

5 thoughts on “I restyled my blog!

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