Roomie looks like this now!

I haven’t posted about Roomie in a long time, but I sure have been improving it! I’ve polished Roomie’s web interface, added support for the Aeon Labs Z-Stick, and a bunch of stuff that you can read about on GitHub. Here’s a screenshot that shows the support for thermostats, hierarchical locations, and a page menu for navigating devices:

2 thoughts on “Roomie looks like this now!

  1. Hi, just found your site and LOVVVVIINNNGGG it, by the way you totally saleed it on my loving ur outlook with the phrase I keep trying to like tea but I don’t ..literally lol’d! this is me, I have a tea cupboard , extremely well-stocked (cuz the stuff never gets used) and a single coffee container (which gets refilled every time I go grocery shopping!) can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!! ;-)

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