Notebook Excerpts: Ponderings

Over the summer I purchased a couple pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks to carry with me.  One of my motivations was the desire to emulate other smart people who carry notebooks.  Another was that if I saw someone with a notebook sticking out of their back pocket I would instantly find them more attractive.  As my first notebook fills up, I have decided to scan interesting pages and share them here.

This page, started on Thursday, January 7, 2011, is labeled “Ponderings.”  I revisited the page, pen in hand, whenever I had a thought-provoking idea, quip, or something like that.


And here is the text typed out:


July 7, 2011

7/7 It seems that the people with the most inspiring faith also have the most naïve views of the world.

7/12 Today a cop pulled me over for speeding.  As I drove away, ticket in the seat beside me, I smiled.  I can’t stand a perfect record.

8/16 Ponder daily: Do I feel whole?  Why?  What makes me feel good?  What do I need?  What is bad for me?  Who do I want to be?

8/17 Be the person you want to be, and don’t be ashamed of who that is.  (also, be kind, intelligent, and cute.)

8/22 Eventually plugging in headphones into a player and in ears will seam “steampunk.”

9/1 Going through life, write in pen, but don’t be afraid to scratch out your mistakes.

9/13 When I wear sunglasses, I make sure to smile, so that I don’t look like those empty-souled models on clothing websites.

9/13 A smile feeds the soul.

9/15 It’s the Bible, not Bigotry for Dummies.

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