The Joys of WebDev (and Google Chrome software updates?)

I was just working on Roomie (instead of studying for exams) and I cam across a very strange error.

Joys of Webdev

I was making some very benign changes to the navigation bar on the left side of the website, when I refresh the page to see the “on/off” buttons interchanged for the favicon (stretched horribly, of course).  I refreshed the page in Chrome, verified the URL of the image, and finally looked at just the image.  Then I looked at the URL.  The favicon?  How strange.  I viewed the URL in Firefox, and saw the correct picture.  Next I viewed the URL in Incognito Mode in Chrome.  Again the correct picture.  How could the image appear differently?

lol wut

I can’t be sure, but I think the problem could be with Google Chrome’s updating mechanism.  After trying various troubleshooting techniques, including restarting the browser, I went to the about page to see if the thing had updated.  It seemed like it had, but to make sure I went to my laptop.

Google Chrome Update

So that seems to be it.  Restarting and/or clearing the browsing cache fixed the problem.  It’s nice that Chrome updates so transparently, but apparently it doesn’t always work perfectly.

One thought on “The Joys of WebDev (and Google Chrome software updates?)

  1. m_) Working on Roomie you’ll learn much more than what college/university can teach.

    m_) keep it up, although i’m still a BIT unsure what the idea of Roomie really from knowing is a coding program.

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