RoomieRemake woke me up and made me coffee!

I recently rearranged the Z-Wave modules in my house to devices that I care about controlling more.  I put one on the coffee maker so that I could preload it and either schedule it to turn on or turn it on through the Roomie website, which would be good for if I were heading home sometime and wanted a fresh cup waiting for me.  I also put a module on my computer monitors and speakers, which are in my bedroom.  This lets a script turn them off when I go to bed and back on right before a script wakes me up with music.

This morning RoomieRemake woke me up with two short scripts.  And hey, more news!  I used the recently-updated website (which I’ve apparently never directly blogged about) to write the scripts.  Here’s a screenshot of that.

 Roomie website with wake up scripts

Here’s the script that ran on Dreaming Nest, my Home Server, which has a ThinkStick USB Z-Wave controller.

  <Timing.WaitUntil Hour="8" Minute="50" />
  <ZWave.PowerOn DeviceName="Coffee Pot" />
  <Timing.WaitUntil Hour="8" Minute="59" />
  <ZWave.PowerOn DeviceName="Monitor and Speakers" />
  <Timing.WaitUntil Hour="9" Minute="15" />
  <ZWave.PowerOff DeviceName="Coffee Pot" />


Here is the script that ran on Rory, the desktop computer in my bedroom.

  <Timing.WaitUntil Hour="9" />
  <Output.OpenFile Path="F:/music/playlists/Driving in Spring.wpl" />

3 thoughts on “RoomieRemake woke me up and made me coffee!

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  2. Hello Steve,I’ve been playing with py-openzwave for the past 2 weeks. Everything lkoeod great until I discovered(more like got stock) that there’s no REMOVE NODE function. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but I guess I’m too lazy, so I was hoping I could get an advice from someone experienced in this area. I’m using Aeon ZStick S2, it supports hardware node add/remove by pressing a button on USB controller, but I’m looking at programmable way of doing it(I did mention that I’m lazy, right? Don’t like an idea of wondering around the house and doing extra clicks:) ) Any suggestions regarding the subject matter? Thanks,Andrei

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