Arcadia Preview 2

Arcadia sign on I-81 South

Arcadia Preview 2 (version 1.0.489.0) is finally here!

Arcadia Preview 2 screenshot

I’m really pleased with Arcadia’s progress.  Arcadia’s features currently include selecting repositories (where game files are kept), scanning for games (based on a user-editable vocabulary of platforms), and (most importantly) searching for and running ROMs in your favorite emulators of choice.

Thanks to FlotsamX for his usability feedback for Preview 1.

Download Arcadia Preview 2 here.

7 thoughts on “Arcadia Preview 2

  1. are you still working on this? i’ve used to use FRI back befor i got a Wii but still I decided to check in on your progress. If your not working on this atm I just want to say thanks anyways.

  2. This is a good, solid, no frills front-end that is awesome for finding your games quickly. I love it!

  3. this and FRI are the best emulator front ends I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot). Is there a way to manually assign games to a platform that use common file extensions like in FRI? Also I was a huge fan of the select random button in FRI. Are you planning on adding that to Arcadia?

    You should definitely keep working on this. I’m a huge fan.

  4. You just made my day! After letting development stagnate for quite a while, I recently resumed improving Arcadia. I will add a “play random” feature today! Soon I should release “preview 3″.

    There is no way to manually assign games to a platform yet, but Arcadia will infer a ROM’s platform based on the folder structure. For example, if you have “” in a folder called “Super Nintendo”, Arcadia will make the obvious inference. If Arcadia is not detecting a ROM’s platform, you can click “Settings and Tools” -> “Advanced” -> “Edit Platform Definitions”. Open up a familiar platform’s settings to see how that works.

    Thanks so much for liking my project. :)

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