Unlocking a Motorola Razr V3m from Verizon

unlocked razrThat Razr that you got from Verizon can do more than you think! With an unlocked Razr you can actually make your own ringtones for free. You can even connect your phone to your laptop and get internet access that only costs minutes, meaning on nights and weekends that is also free. You can also grab photos and videos taken from the phone and transfer them directly to your computer. More over, you can even make a custom wallpapers that you made on the computer or found on the internet. Don’t like that annoying V-Cast animations that play when you turn your phone on or off? Get rid of them! Or better yet, put something there that you made yourself.

There are so many possibilities, but whatever you do, there is definitely one place to start: actually unlocking the phone. Doing that is usually tedious and confusing, but last August I made an “unlocked” settings file to remove the tediousness and a video tutorial to take away the confusion.

Note that this process only works on Motorola Razr V3m phones from Verizon. Also note that unlocking the phone probably voids the warranty. I haven’t heard of this process breaking any phones, but if it does, I’m not liable.


edit, January 19, 2008:

It seems the server hosting P2K seem edit, hacktherazr.com, is down. P2K Seem Edit is now packaged with the readme file and seem file in the download below.

Verizon Razr V3m Unlocking Kit (Revision 3)

edit, January 29, 2008:

Here’s the list of changes that this process makes, taken directly from the readme.txt file included in the download:

Here’s what changed about your phone:
USB Transfers are enabled.
Dial-Up Networking is enabled.
The orange background on the outside screen is changed to the wallpaper.
The “vibrate then ring” feature is now available.
The “continuous backlight” option is now available.
The “classic”, “continental”, “attention” and “moonlit haze” ringtones are now available.

If you’re curious, you can look up the actual seem edits that were made by cross-referencing this list with this page.

Edit, February 18, 2008:

For those who forgot to make a backup of the default seem, or those who otherwise don’t have access to one, here’s mine: Verizon Razr V3m Default Settings

Note that in principal it is best to use the backup that you made yourself. My backup should work on your phone, though. (Please tell me if you find otherwise.)

Edit, March 10, 2008:

I am declaring comment bankrupsy. It’s too hard to keep up on all the comments, and there are people who are much more knowlegable about this topic than I am. If you have a question, then I recommend that you direct it to the hacking community at http://hacktherazr.com/forum or http://motorola.howardforums.com.

Comments with links to other good sources of information are still appreciated.

Thanks, and happy hacking! :-)

Edit, March 14, 2008:

An awesome reader explained how to put ringtones on the Razr without buying any software. I put his explaination in this other post. Thanks, Sendherastar!

Edit: March 28, 2008:

Izzyd has this to say:

Heya all, it’s been a while do to some personal matter,but after reading threw some of these posts I’d like to shed some light. For all you folks who have just gotten a VZW v3m things have changed from when it was originally released. With VZW’s new .01.19.07 firmware  a lot of stuff from before will not work at all, and other things need to be done in a different manner which is why certain things do not seem to work right. Whatever VZW did in the new firmware has locked us out of things like using MPT to transfer ring tones it just will not happen, another thing is the seem edit for USB transfer on the new firmware is not needed they already have it done for you. I could go one and on but I see there is some confusion and I’ll do what I can to stop by more frequently to point folks in the right direction. One thing plz be specific tho and let us know what carrier you are with and what firmware is on your phone that does make a difference these days, 4 months ago it wouldn’t have mattered, but thx to VZW they threw us for a loop which is why we see so much more confusion now.

Edit: June 27, 2008:

Verizon has closed the back door of using a Razr as a dial-up modem for free internet access. When you try, every webpage you load just gives you a message saying something like “The device is not authorized”.

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