New 30″ monitor!

I just got a new LG Flatron w3000H 30″ monitor in the mail. Along with the fanless Radeon HD 4670 that I got yesterday gives me a total of 8.704 (that’s ((2460*1600) + 2*(1920*1200))/10^6) megapixels to work on. :-D

Here’s my new setup!

To get a feeling for how epicly epic this set up is, download the screen-shot, which is over 5 megabytes.
thee monitors screenshot

And here’s the obligatory shot of inside the computer case.

7 thoughts on “New 30″ monitor!

  1. Seriously, are we reading each others thoughts? This is the SAME SETUP I was planning out earlier this week, with nearly the same card (I was waiting until the new ATI line came out). Looks pretty great!

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