Web-CAT is Ultimate Sadness ):

The Computer Science department at Virginia Tech uses a little piece of software called Web-CAT to grade students’ code.  It makes me sad. I am literally convulsing on the floor right now.  I can’t remember any taste other than that of salty tears.  It’s amazing that I can even type so coherently, especially considering that my hands are violently contorted in bitter agony.


3 thoughts on “Web-CAT is Ultimate Sadness ):

  1. Yea, webcat sucks. Mainly because the people controlling it don’t care enough to fix problems, and trust computers more than humans.

  2. Joe was a great friend and menotr, supporting and challenging us to do our best for the Club and its families. He spoke passionately about the importance of having a youth sailing program that taught racing , and the great strides the club is making in that respect are the best imaginable tribute we could pay to this wonderful friend. He has left a huge void with his passing.

  3. Yeaaaaah hey man i feel you. it will be ok, im in the same situation that you are in. Webcat is a piece of garbage.

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