Playlist 2009-08-21

Sometimes I’ll build a random playlist of music that I feel like listening to at the moment. It’s cool go back months later and rediscover what I liked then. I’ll save these playlists in a format “YYYY-MM-DD” so that when sorted alphabetically they are listed chronologically, which makes it easy to select an “era.” But enough of that.

Today’s playlist is pretty long, so I thought I would write a little program to format a Windows Media Playlist file into an HTML ordered list. I’ll polish that and post the source and executable later (/nerd), but for now here’s today’s playlist:

  1. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand in Franz Ferdinand search
  2. Wooden by Simian Mobile Disco in Attack Decay Sustain Release search
  3. (Far From) Home by Tiga in Sexor search
  4. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix) by Black Kids in Partie Traumatic search
  5. Hurricane Jane by Black Kids in Partie Traumatic search
  6. I’m Making Eyes At You by Black Kids in Partie Traumatic search
  7. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found by Cut Copy in In Ghost Colours search
  8. Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun in Walking On A Dream search
  9. Sad Song by Au Revoir Simone in The Bird Of Music (Bonus Track) search
  10. Normal by Bumblefoot in Normal search
  11. Wide Awake by Jonezetta in Cruel To Be Young search
  12. Hiphopopotamus Vs Rhymenoceros (Featuring Rhymenocerous & The Hiphopopotamus) by Flight of the Conchords in Flight Of The Conchords search
  13. My Own Worst Enemy by Lit in A Place In The Sun (Parental Advisory) search
  14. Last Summer by Lostprophets in Start Something search
  15. Shattered (Turn The Car Around) by O A R in All Sides search
  16. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John in Writer’s Block (Bonus Tracks) search
  17. I Love You by The Pipettes in We Are The Pipettes search
  18. Hot Air Balloon by Owl City in Hot Air Balloon (Single) search
  19. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service in Give Up search
  20. When Did This Storm Begin by Shiny Toy Guns in Season Of Poison search
  21. Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil in Enjoy The Silence EP search
  22. So What by P!nk in Funhouse search
  23. We Like To Party! by VengaBoys in The Party Album search
  24. On The Wing by Owl City in Maybe I’m Dreaming search
  25. Pure by Superchick in Beauty From Pain 1 1 search
  26. Rainbow Veins by Owl City in Maybe I’m Dreaming search
  27. We Live by Superchick in Beauty From Pain 1 1 search
  28. L E S Artistes by Santigold in Santigold search
  29. Headstrong by Trapt in Trapt (Parental Advisory) search

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