Roomie is getting more powerful!

I’ve been making more improvements to Roomie (which I still haven’t released). Now a RoomieScript can send a RoomieScript to another computer. This makes collaborated scripts much easier. The script below gets two of my computers, the Home Server and Desktop Computer, to wake me up in the morning. The Home Server handles the Z-Wave stuff—turning the lights on and off—and the Desktop Computer handles the music.


  <!–  this sends a script to the Desktop Computer  –>

  <!–  it’s really just to confirm that both computers are turned on  –>

  <webScripts.sendScript targetComputerName="Desktop Computer">



         all set!




  <!– wait until the morning  –>

  <waitUntil hour="6" minute="0" second="0" />

  <!–  send a script to Home Server to handle the lights –>

  <webScripts.sendScript targetComputerName="Home Server">

    <!–  dim the Door Lamp and Desk Light on slowly and simultaniously  –>

    <insertScript runInNewThread="yes">

      <!–  dim the Bed Lamp on faster than the Bed Lamp  –>

      <zWave.slowDimOn module="Bed Lamp" durration="280" />


    <insertScript runInNewThread="yes">

      <zWave.slowDimOn module="Door Lamp" durration="120" />


    <!–  wait an hour and a half, then turn off all the lights  –>

    <waitFor seconds="5400" />

    <zWave.powerOff module="Desk Light" />

    <zWave.powerOff module="Door Lamp" />

    <zWave.powerOff module="Bed Lamp" />


  <webScripts.sendScript targetComputerName="Desktop Computer">

    <!–  wait three minutes after the light dimming has begun, then play music  –>

    <waitFor seconds="180" />

    <openFile path="F:/music/playlists/Wake Up.wpl" />



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