Sure way to always max out your CPU

Transcode video.  Wow!  I’m transcoding my raw DVD rip collection so that I have a mirrored copy that can play on my Xbox 360.
Transcoding DVDs on a Core i7 system

A while ago I got some extra storage and since I have been ripping full DVDs left and right.  I wrote a piece of software, DVD Cover Art Finder, to find cover art for the DVDs, and now I am expanding that program’s feature set to include creating a mirror copy of the full DVDs as M4V files that the Xbox 360 can play.  My efforts aren’t all that special… I just send the correct parameters to the HandBrake CLI, which takes care of the hard stuff.  This development version of DVD CAF saves key information about the rip, such as what settings it was created with and where it is stored, so that in the future I can add an option to re-transcode the videos with another preset.  I might need to get another hard drive for my Windows Home Server!

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