RoomieScript demo

I gave a presentation for my ENGE 1104 (Exploration of a Digital Future) class about home automation.  My team members talked about X10, Z-Wave, ControlThink’s SDK, and some project ideas.  I gave a brief overview of a project that I have been working on sporadically for a couple years, Roomie.  In doing so, I for created some documentation, so I figured I’d publish some of it here.  Here is an example of RoomieScript and it’s execution:
RoomieScript sample

One thought on “RoomieScript demo

  1. First time I’ve visited the site. First I’ll just say that your awsenmeoess is very apparent even for someone that I’ve never met. Second, I totally lost my shit around the 9:16 mark with pour all the GOOBS . I will forever refer to egg whites as goobs from this point forward. So thanks for that. Great video (make more, dancing is optional but encouraged), great recipes all around from what I’ve seen, keep living the dream.

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