A Lesson in Human-Computer Interaction: Spoons

I lost my Tablet PC’s pen, so I used a spoon instead. When I realized that this was really weird, I asked a friend to snap a picture.  If only a tour group came by and saw how crazy the people at Tech are…  My only hope is that a Google Image search of my name will one day bring up me spooning a computer.
Interacting with a Tablet PC via spoon

For those interested in the technical details (you know who you are!) my Toshiba Portégé M700 Tablet PC has both a Wacom digitizer interface and a touch screen.  This allows me to use my fingers—well, any object apparently—to interact with the computer in addition to the digital pen.  Sometimes I’ll use a real pen or mechanical pencil with the writing bits retracted.  The Portégé also has a compartment in the bottom for a small “emergency pen,” which I opted to buy… I just didn’t feel like getting it out from underneath the add-on second battery this time. :-)

2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Human-Computer Interaction: Spoons

  1. note that this only works with the toshibas, not the fujitsus…then again, my pen is attached to my computer so =P

  2. pff, the way the pens are tethered to the Fujitsus makes them well suited for young children and civil engineers. (HA, and at this point I”m starting to agree that Windows XP looks like something made by Fisher Price.) Toshiba treats the user like a professional. :-) *hates on Fujitsu*

    But FYI, there are other tablets that support both touch and pen, like the HP TouchSmart tablets.

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