“Spontaneous Overflow”

A friend of mine from high school—he goes by Dan Metalmadcat online—creates amazing flash animations.  I’ve tried flash myself, and I fail at it miserably.  Dan showed me his latest animation, and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with my reader readers. :-P

Dan says this about his animation:

Spontaneous Overflow is the latest animation I’ve done with Flash. Quite abstract and symbolic but always with the same degree of nonsense. In "Spontaneous Overflow" I was challenged by the statement of William Wordsworth who called poetry as a "Spontaneous Overflow of powerful feelings"
William did a good job explaining through words, now is my time to explain it in a visual art form kind of way..
Hope you like it.
Dan Metalmadcat [2009].

Dan’s website is metalmadcat.ya.st.  Here’s the video:

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