DVD Cover Art Finder version

I just finished making some updates to DVD Cover Art Finder.  It now has some new features and fewer bugs!
dvd cover art finder version

Download DVD Cover Art Finder version here

Download DVD Cover Art Finder version (source code) here

This release of DVD Cover Art Finder includes the ability to save the list of DVDs as an HTML document for printing or posting on a website.  (I copied the HTML into a Facebook note to document my list of DVDs.)  In addition, now the user can right-click on an item in the list of DVDs to play the DVD, open the DVD’s folder, or delete the DVD.

This version also has the “Load Automatically” option for cover art disabled by default.  In using the program, that caught me up a lot.  It also has a few simple look-and-feel updates.  For example, the DVDs in the list of DVDs no longer display empty square brackets if the DVD has no disk label.

For more information about how to use DVD Cover Art Finder, check out the post about version

5 thoughts on “DVD Cover Art Finder version

  1. Hi, this might be a little silly question but does DVD Cover Art Finder work in other Windoes language versions other than english? I`m going to buy Windows 7 this autumn but it`s going to be Finnish language version

  2. I can’t seem to get the program to work at all. I am running Win7 Pro. My DVDs show up in the list but no cover art images show up. I have even tried changing the movie title and still nothing. Any suggestions. Great program though!


  3. Hello!
    Is your Cover Art Finder still avilable for download?
    I would like to test your software, but whein I try to download it,
    there is a “Sign In”-page, asking for “Open-ID”.

    Can you help me, please?
    Thanks in advance.

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