A thought about skipping Vista

I read Gizmodo on a regular basis, and I just came across this article noting how “Add/Remove Programs” has disappeared form the control panel. In 7 the item is in the programs section, and the user can get to the list of programs to uninstall by clicking “Uninstall a program” in the main control panel window.  More over, he obviously has been using Windows XP for the three years that the release version Windows Vista has been available to consumers.  (To be fair that time range should start when Vista went out into public beta since Windows 7 isn’t even released yet, but I’ll underestimate.)

Let us compare:

Windows XP Control Panel:
xp control panel

Windows Vista Control Panel:
vista control panel

Windows 7 (beta) Control Panel:
7 control panel

This behavior hasn’t changed in three years and this guy was caught off guard by it.  Lots of people are deciding to simply skip Vista and go straight to 7, but I think that the majority of them don’t realize that Windows 7’s base code was Windows Vista, not Windows XP.  The transition from Vista to 7 is pretty smooth, but I think those who stayed with XP will be in for some growing pains as they upgrade.  Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “A thought about skipping Vista

  1. That’s the Vista (and 7) way of doing things. XP users don’t have that workflow.

    Also, control panel results now show up in the start menu. Happy days!

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