Neat feature of Media Player in Windows 7: Pretty generic album art

Sometimes an album doesn’t have album art, or the album art hasn’t been loaded yet.  Previous version of Windows Media Player would solve this problem by displaying the album as a glossy blue tile overplayed with the album title in white text.  With a lot of albums without cover art (or before the album art has been loaded) this look didn’t meet Media Center’s premium visual standards.  The solution:
media center pretty generic album art


Not only is the color randomized, but the texture is as well.  This feature is more like the frosting on a cake, but even though it’s not a core feature it definitely contributes to a more pleasing user experience.

Keeping in mind that this version of Media Center is currently in beta, I have noticed an inconsistency in the interface.  While the generic title for albums has this very colorful scheme, picture tiles still have the old, white-on-blue theme.
media center picture thumbnails

Still, it’s nice how the pictures now fade into view when they are loaded.  I am very interested to see how the final version of Windows 7 Media Center turns out.

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