Zune Reminds You to Use Your Free Credits

Since Microsoft updated the terms of the Zune Pass, users have received 10 free song credits per month to go toward owning music from the store.  This is a great deal for Zune users, because $15 per month not only pays for unlimited music downloads from the Zune Marketplace on a subscription basis, but also provides 10 songs to own.  (I see this now as committing to buy 10 songs per month and getting a $5 per month subscription, but either way…)  (Personally I make a point to only purchase DRM-free tracks.)

I was impressed to discover that recently when I went to click the “download” button next to a song, which downloads the song under the subscription, I got a popup reminding me to use my song credits.  I am very impressed that Microsoft would remind its users to get things from it for free.  Of course, if the user sees this as a nag rather than a reminder, there’s always that convenient option to disable the popup.  Microsoft, hooray! ;-)

zune credit nag

3 thoughts on “Zune Reminds You to Use Your Free Credits

  1. Great podcast! My pesoanrl favorite part was the Q*bert commercial in which the announcer states it is available for all popular systems. As a Vectrex aficionado, that drove home both the point that my system wasn’t popular and the fact I wouldn’t be playing Q*bert!

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