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As promised, here is the first release of DVD Cover Art Finder (version, along with the source code.  Read on for download links and a usage tutorial.
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Download DVD Cover Art Finder version here

Download DVD Cover Art Finder version Source Code here (open with Visual C# 2008 Express)

This usage tutorial begins with the DVD already properly ripped to the hard drive.  I’ll have to make a tutorial about how to do that later, but for now you could use the tutorial that I used to learn how to do that. (link)

First, download and open DVD Cover Art Finder, duh! (note that I made two minor changes to the program since I did the tutorial.  Can you spot them?)

Next, click “Scan for DVDs”.

Select the folder where you store all of your DVDs and click OK.

Select the DVD of which you want to get cover art.  (notice how the DVDs that lack cover art show up at the top of the list.)

Be patient, and DVD Cover Art Finder will show cover art, which is currently picked from Amazon.com.  If the right cover art doesn’t show up, edit the Title text box and click the “(re)load coverart” button.

Click the cover art that looks right.  This will put the cover art in the image box in the Selected DVD group box and update the Title text box with the title of that DVD.

Edit the title box if necessary.

Click the “Save” button.  This will save the cover art to the DVD’s folder, as well as rename the DVD’s folder to match the title.  Saving also creates a data file to keep track of the information and places that in the DVD’s folder.

Great!  Now the DVD shows up in Media Center with the right title and cover art.

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