I restyled my blog!

As part of a Rackspace hackathon, I decided to restyle my (this) blog.

I last customized it probably when I was 18. Actually, I made the background image while in a limo for high school prom. (what a nerd.)

A coworker told me about a blank theme generator called Underscores. Perfect! When I first applied the theme, there was seriously no styling at all, but the HTML was good. With a few tweaks I had something that looked more like what I wanted.

I edited the styles, adding in the obligatory Roomie purple, and I also wrote a script to remove some inline styles on img tags so that the css styles would apply properly. Really there was nothing major, but I like the result!

Here’s what it looked like before:

mypieceoftheinternet before

and after:

mypieceoftheinternet after

My life from zero to now

All things considered, I’ve had a pretty easy life. Both of my parents were in the military when I was born, but I’ve moved around very little. I was born in Virginia Beach, but I moved to Northern Virginia when I was a baby. When I was 4 I moved to Florida where my mom retired to be a full time mother. About two years later my family moved back to where we were living before, and the next time I moved was when I went to Virginia Tech to pursue a computer science degree. I didn’t realized it until later, but I had unwittingly followed in my parent’s footsteps, both of whom had received degrees in computer science. I noticed that I was attracted to men when I was 12 or 13, but I didn’t come out to even myself until college… there’s a separate story of shame and denial there that is maybe more another time. I came out to my parents when I was 19, and through trial and error and being critical of myself and what is good for me, I had a handful of boyfriends over my four years in college, each of whom was a better match than the previous. Now I am a graduate who has a job that he loves and someone whom he will marry one day. I’ve had a lot of advantages in my life, but I have used them well. I am in the process of buying from my parents, the house that I live in now with my three roommates, plus my partner, and we are a family.

Commence asynchronous laughter

I’ve been working on Roomie all day, fixing up things here and there. Here’s another silly demo. It uses the WebHook.SendScript and Computer.Speak commands to simulate a conversation between my laptop and my TV.

Silly.  Here’s a screenshot of the Roomie web interface displaying the script.  I did a lot of refactoring today, and I am so close to being able to un-XMLify RoomieScript and make it look like a real programming language.

Roomie Send Script demo

Happy days! The new Roomie website is usable!

Available at http://roomiebot.com, the new Roomie website works!  I use the website to turn lights and things on and off from my desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, and and old still-has-a-browser iPod touch. 

I spend most of my time on the Devices page, which lists all of the devices in all home automation networks on my account.  (Right now I only have a single Z-Wave network, but in theory I could have a potpourri of different networks that include other existing home automation frameworks, IR transceivers, and—I dunno—USB missile launchers?)

Anyway, the UI all works, and dynamically updates when a devices state changes.  Cool!